Rapid Start(迅速スタート)

Put your deployment on the fast track

First steps can be tricky. Let our Rapid Start team guide you through the setup and deployment of your AppDynamics solution. We’ll tune the auto-discovery feature to capture your application logic, help you define and identify critical business transactions that need to be monitored, and make sure policies and alerts are set up correctly and aligned with your business needs. Basic stuff—yet crucial to getting the most out of your AppDynamics deployment. 


The needs of your business drive everything, including the services you receive from your Rapid Start team. Here’s how we can help:

Plan deployment and configuration roll-out
Plan adoption phases and milestones
Assist with hardware sizing
Review and document dynamic modeling of applications, tiers, nodes, and business transactions
Tune auto-discovery to capture the flow of the application logic needed to meet business requirements
Identify, define, and configure end user monitoring for critical business transactions
Align policies and alerts with key business requirements to improve mean-time-to-repair
Deploy and configure product modules
Configure dashboards and reports to quickly see the health of systems and applications


Rapid Start services provide short-term, hands-on support for smaller environments with up to 40 monitored nodes. Our goal? Make you self-sufficient so when we leave, you’re ready to go. 


AppDynamics プラットフォームの利用を最適化するための、追加的なバンドルサービスも利用可能です。当社または担当まで、お問い合わせください。